Simple HTML Form Builder

Build your own HTML forms

Form display:

Your form output will show up here.


How does this work?

Just fill out the information at the top of the page and click "Make my form!". The created form will be displayed above as will the HTML code. To use in your site, simply copy the HTML code into your page.

What if I want more control over the individual elements?

You can fine-tune the form yourself by editing the code (with a text editor or IDE) before copying it into your site.

How do I make my form look fancy like yours?

You can stylize your form any way you want using CSS. The purpose of this page is not to do all of the hard work for you, but rather to save you a few minutes.

Can I enter HTML tags when creating my form?

No. HTML tags will be stripped.

Will people be able to enter HTML tags in the forms I create with this page?

Yes. There are no form-validation or security measures built in. It is up to you to prevent malicious code from wreaking havoc on your site.